Automating End-to-End Business Scenario Testing

Sandra Alequin, Allstate Insurance and Monika Mehrotra, Infosys, Ltd.

Allstate Insurance had a problem. While thoroughly testing each of their more than thirty business systems, they were still failing to provide good service to their clients, agents, and internal customers. The reason was simple. Implementing end-to-end business processes requires more than just running data through a set of separate systems. While focusing on automating unit, integration, and system testing, they had failed to consider the need for system-to-system integration tests―tests that would verify that their business systems passed data correctly, met interface expectations, and synchronized properly. Monika Mehrotra and Sandra Alequin describe how Allstate, with the assistance of Infosys, supplemented their existing test suites with a set of end-to-end tests that provided deeper test coverage, demonstrating proper system operation from beginning to end. In addition, Allstate implemented a test environment that more closely resembled their production environment, discovering defects that had previously escaped into daily operation. Learn the importance of end-to-end, not just piecemeal testing.

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