Automated Database Testing: Testing and Using Stored Procedures for Testing

Mary Sweeney, Sammamish Software Services

Today's heterogeneous data environments place a heavy burden on test engineers. Applications must be tested for seamless interface with the back-end databases, but often this goes beyond what popular test automation tools can provide. Testers must know how to create and use SQL, stored procedures, and other database objects to effectively test today's data driven environments. This presentation delivers techniques for creating efficient automated tests of the critical database back end using simple scripting languages and relational database objects. It includes specific procedures, queries, views, and other relational database objects that are valuable for typical testing situations, and demonstrates how these automated tests can be used in conjunction with popular testing tools.

  • Learn about the testing of database objects and stored procedures
  • Learn how simple and effective automated tests for the back-end database can be created
  • See examples and code to test database objects such as stored procedures and views

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