Automate REST Services Testing with RestAssured

Eing Ong, Intuit, Inc.

Many browser, UI, and Java-based tools and frameworks can help you test REST services. However, in the world of continuous integration and delivery, manual UI- or browser-based tools typically fall short in many aspects—from early test development to developer support. When using Java-based libraries such as HttpClient, much code has to be written for all aspects of a web service call. These extensions or wrappers tend to be complex, hard to read, and difficult to maintain. This is where RestAssured comes in. RestAssured is an open source Java DSL for testing REST-based services, making test code more readable, easier to write, and cheaper to maintain. Learn how easily you can write HTTP get and post requests as well as more complex scenarios involving session management, authentication, and (de)serialization of objects. Take back good practices and an open source command line tool that can help you jumpstart your RestAssured testing.

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