Automate REST API Testing

Eric Smith, HomeAdvisor

As an organization grows, the body of code that needs to be regression tested constantly increases. However, to maintain high velocity and deliver new features, teams need to minimize the amount of manual regression testing. Eric Smith shares his lessons learned in automating RESTful API tests using JMeter, RSpec, and Spock. Gain insights into the pros and cons of each tool, take back practical knowledge about the tools available, and explore reasons why your shop should require RESTful automation as part of its acceptance test criteria. Many decisions must be made to automate API tests: choosing the platform; how to integrate with the current build and deploy process; and how to integrate with reporting tools to keep key stakeholders informed. Although the initial transition caused his teams to bend their traditional roles, Eric says that ultimately the team became more cross-functionally aligned and developed a greater sense of ownership for delivering a quality product.

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