Automate Legacy-System Testing: Easy, Reliable, and Extendible

Emanuil Slavov, Komfo, Inc.

Everyone loves working on a greenfield project. You’re starting fresh and nothing holds you back. Unfortunately, for most testers, this is a rare occurrence. Chances are you will work on legacy applications. Because these often have no automated tests, developers are afraid to make bold changes. More testers than developers can be assigned to these projects. Changing one line of code may require multiple days of manual testing. Eventually work grinds to a halt. Sound familiar? Emanuil Slavov explains how to deal with this sticky situation without losing your mind. Start small and work outside in. Learn how to combine the best practices of automated acceptance tests, unit tests, static code analysis, continuous integration, and architecture for testability. Discover how to make your automated tests more reliable, easy to support, and a breeze to extend. Emanuil’s presentation is inspired by his real-life experience—working on legacy projects for more than five years.

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