Automate API with White-box Tests with windows PowerShell

Nikhil Bhandari, Intuit

Although a myriad of testing tools have emerged over the years, only a few focus on the area of API testing for Windows-based applications. Nikhil Bhandari describes how to automate these types of software tests with Windows PowerShell, the free command line shell and scripting language. Unlike other scripting shells, PowerShell works with WMI, XML, ADO, COM, and .NET objects as well as data stores, such as the file system, registry, and certificates. With PowerShell, you can easily develop frameworks for testing-unit, functional, regression, performance, deployment, etc.-and integrate them into a single, consistent overall automation environment. With PowerShell, you can develop scripts to check logs, events, process status, registry check, file system management, and more. Use it to parse XML statements and other test files. Reduce your testing cycle times to better support iterative development and, at the same time, have more fun testing your Windows applications.

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