STARWEST 2006: The Art of SOA Testing: Theory and Practice

Rizwan Mallal, Crosscheck Networks

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based on Web Services standards has ushered in a new era of how applications are being designed, developed, and deployed. But the promise of SOA to increase development productivity poses new challenges for testers, challenges dealing with multiple Web Services standards and implementations, legacy application (of unknown quality) now exposed as Web services, weak or non-existent security controls, and services of possibly diverse origins chained together to create applications. Learn concepts and techniques to master these challenges through powerful techniques such as WSDL chaining, schema mutation and automated filtration. Learn how traditional techniques such as black, gray, and white box testing are applied to SOA testing to maximize test coverage, minimize effort, and release better products.

  • Learn the Four Pillars of SOA Testing
  • Use gray box techniques to enter the domain of white box testing
  • Learn the powerful concept behind schema mutation

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