The Art of Exploration

David Gilbert, Sirius Software Quality Associates, Inc.

In order for exploratory testing to be perceived as a valuable process by all stakeholders in the organization, we need to make sure the result of that testing-our documentation-is presented with the same professionalism and attention to detail that distinguishes an artistic masterpiece from a paint-by-number kit. David Gilbert discusses the practical steps testers can take to improve the perceived value of exploratory testing in their organizations. He explains how we can apply a consistent, professional, and structured methodology to our exploratory testing and employ processes that will consistently create the level of detailed output that is considered the hallmark of any investigative analysis. Finally, David tells us how better to communicate the value of exploratory tests and document both the process and results of exploration in a way that stakeholders will understand.

  • Why stakeholders may question the value of exploratory testing
  • Steps during testing and analysis afterward to increase the benefits of exploration
  • Changes in the presentation of exploratory results to improve its perceived value

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