AR and VR for Mobile Apps: Are You Ready to Test?

BJ Aberle

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) mobile apps are going to dominate the technical landscape for the next few years. Compared to current mobile apps, testing this new AR and VR technology will require more preparation, more effort, and new tools. BJ Aberle breaks down the methods and tools he uses to test AR and VR applications. Explore test environment requirements and discover the types of test data you’ll need to prepare for AR and VR testing. Learn about Google’s Tango AR platform and BJ’s experiences testing AR apps, including the Tango-based Cydalion app for the visually impaired. BJ shares the pitfalls he discovered—so you can avoid these when starting your AR or VR testing endeavors. Take back a set of new techniques you may be able to apply to streamline your virtual and augmented reality testing efforts.

About the Presenter

BJ Aberle has been Float’s quality assurance lead for six years. Originally hired in 2003 as the director of audio for multimedia projects, the journey into game and procedural audio introduced him to the world of code and development. BJ found that testing and QA allowed him to use those skills to bring new value to the organization. Since no two projects at Float are the same, he wears many QA hats and morphs many roles into one—automation engineer, manual tester, agile test coach—depending on the need at any given time. When he’s not wrestling with flaky UI tests, BJ enjoys creating music in his studio and spending time with his wife and three daughters.

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