The Appium Framework: Create and Implement Your Mobile Testing Strategy

Harry Roberts

The trend in mobile apps today is who can deliver the best and the most new apps as quickly as possible to keep up with the competition. With this, the need for more and better testing seems to grow exponentially. Open source Appium is a unique mobile app testing framework that allows you to write a single test which executes for native or hybrid apps on different operating systems running simulators/emulators and real devices in parallel. Harry Roberts describes how to create and implement a successful mobile testing strategy using Appium across Android and iOS devices. After discussing the basics of Appium and demonstrating it live, Harry outlines how you can determine when to run tests on emulators/simulators vs. real devices and which tools are most efficient and cost-effective. Using these industry standard practices, you, too, will have a mobile testing strategy with the shortest possible feedback loop to find and resolve potential issues quickly.

About the Presenter

Harry Roberts is a Senior Solutions Architect with Perfecto and has over 5 years of experience helping customers be successful with mobile automated testing. He has presented at multiple user conferences and tradeshows and has managed Development, QA, Support and Implementation Teams. Harry is an enthusiastic about helping customers develop and implement mobile testing strategies.

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