The Agile Testing Survival Guide

Ingo Philipp, Tricentis

As innovative businesses reduce their time-to-market and shorten release cycles, the need for continuous delivery methods becomes inevitable. Testers are constantly asked to rapidly and reliably deliver comprehensive test results in ever-decreasing or continuous cycles. Meanwhile, testing is butting heads with hard budget, tight time, and limited resource constraints, causing frustration for everyone involved. How can we turn these pains into gains? First, Ingo Phillip shows how to measure test coverage in terms of risk coverage on both the requirement and test case level—and why this matters. Second, Ingo shows how novel test design techniques help us test smarter, not harder, while keeping the entire test case portfolio straightforward. Third, he demonstrates how this effort results in a robust synthetic test data approach with repeatable, stable test execution. Finally, Ingo explains how to enable continuous delivery through continuous testing without drowning in test cases.

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