Agile Release Planning: When "You'll Get it When You'll Get It" Won't Sell

Stacia Broderick, Agile Evolution, Inc.

When some people hear the words "agile planning," they think it is an oxymoron. While more knowledgeable people think of agile planning as getting ready for one iteration of development, there is more to agile product planning than a single iteration. Although agile teams like to focus on one iteration at a time, what do we say when executive management asks questions like "What will this product actually do?" or “When will it be ready for the customer?" or "How much will it cost?" When the answer "You'll get it when you get it" just won't sell, you must perform high-level release planning to address these important questions. Stacia Broderick describes an agile release planning framework under which agile development can be effective. Stacia takes you through the complete process she recommends for release planning and explains, most importantly, why and how the agile release plan can and must remain just that-agile.

  • The agile release planning cycle
  • Fundamentals of communicating the agile release plan
  • Gain organization support for your plan

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