Agile Project Management - Reliable Innovation

Jim Highsmith, Cutter Consortium

From software to materials research to drugs to airplanes, companies are relentlessly driving the cost of change out of their new product development processes. Why? In order to increase experimentation, to increase the diversity of paths explored, and to foster more and faster innovation. These "exploration" projects severely challenge traditional "production" oriented project management practices that attempt to optimize, predict paths, and conform to detail plans-we need a different model. This new model for software projects-Agile Project Management (APM)-focuses on quick starts, iterative exploration, delivering customer value, low-cost iterations, frequent feedback, and intense collaboration. While production cultures value planning, stability, repeatability (input driven), and conforming to plans, exploration cultures value experimentation, adaptation, reliability (results driven), and conforming to value (often at the expense of conforming to plans). Join Jim Highsmith as he delves into the principles and practices of Agile Project Management.

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