Agile Program Management: Architecture, Risks, and Constraints

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

Once you move to large agile development programs with multiple projects and sub-projects, how do you make progress and keep an architecturally coherent product? How do you create a product backlog and then manage working off the backlog among several or many project teams? How do you address the risks of having multiple project teams? How do you create an architecture that works for the product without retreating to a waterfall approach? In this class, Johanna Rothman describes a framework for analyzing your program's context so you can select from among several approaches for managing the architecture, handling backlogs, working across project teams, and more. She describes the roles of Chief Product Owner and the Program Manager and then discusses how they participate with the teams to ensure they know what they need to deliver and how to see overall program progress. Look at different approaches for managing a large program's architecture with an agile team development lifecycle.

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