Agile in the Non-Agile Enterprise: Hurdling Obstacles

Michele Sliger, Sliger Consulting, Inc.

Agile is entering the mainstream as a software development practice and leading wider organizational change in many companies. However, in large organizations, it's not practical just to "flip a switch" and have your entire software department "go agile" all at once. In that situation, agile and non-agile teams must work together during the transition. Agile teams must continue to interface with their company's business processes, while management must streamline traditional processes and activities. Agile teams face many obstacles in their quest for cooperative development--resistance to change; differing culture and value systems; changes to measurement, evaluation, and reward systems; and new contracting terms. Join Michele Sliger as she explains how to clear these and other common hurdles facing agile teams working in a traditional organization. Michele discusses the organizational issues that you must address as part of an enterprise-wide agile rollout.

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