Agile Development Practices 2007: Agile Software Testing Strategies

Jared Richardson, Agile Artisans

Test automation is like exercise. We know both are great ideas, but most of us don't do much of either. Although we know that creating a solid automated test suite is critical to any agile testing strategy, we are often just told to "Do it" without much support-money or people. Jared Richardson examines the infrastructure and tools you need for your automated testing to succeed and prosper. Jared examines three strategies''Test-Driven Development, Defect Driven Testing, and Blitzkrieg Testing--you can use to ensure great test coverage on your projects. Looking at real life scenarios as a backdrop, Jared discusses appropriate testing strategies for your current project or the next one down the road. Jared will get you moving toward automated testing, whether you're starting fresh or trying to clean up an existing project.

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