Agile Code Reviews for Better Software—Sooner

Mark Hammer, SmartBear Software

Code reviews are often thought of as anti-agile, cumbersome, and disruptive. However, done correctly, they enable agile teams to become more collaborative and effective, and ultimately to produce higher quality software faster. Mark Hammer describes how lightweight code review practices succeed where more cumbersome methods fail. Mark offers tips on the mechanics of lightweight code reviews and compares five common styles of review. He looks at real-world examples and reveals impressive results. Gain new insights into how much time to spend in review, how much code to review in one session, and how author preparation practices can increase the efficiency of a review. Learn how peer code review can improve the performance of individual developers, their teams, and the software they produce. Mark shares the specific benefits of peer code review, including ROI and the ultimate goal of producing higher quality software faster.

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