Agile and DevOps Transformations in Large Organizations

Siraj Berhan, Royal Bank of Canada

Many large scale organizations experience significant challenges as they pursue agile and DevOps transformations. They embark on adopting agile practices yet fail to reap the benefits of continuous release and delivery. Siraj Berhan explores common challenges—people, processes, technology, and operations—in the agile journey of large-scale organizations. Siraj explores a project suitability assessment tool for evaluating as well as mitigating risks specific to agile delivery, incorporating a time-and-material funding model, and maintaining a cross-functional self-managing team with a generalist-specialist attitude. Siraj discusses moving from a test-last mentality to a test-driven culture with a heavy emphasis on automation that supports continuous integration, release, and delivery. He offers suggestions for  promoting collocated development model to maximize the team’s agility and velocity while leveraging the usage of collaboration tools to its fullest. Explore ways to revamp engineering skillsets across the enterprise with practices and approaches that enable agility. Learn twelve helpful tips for getting started and additional advice for scaling your agile and DevOps journey.

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