The Adventures of a First-Time Test Lead: An Unexpected Journey

Ioan Todoran, Expedia Affiliate Network

When moving to a new position in your organization, you might not always feel confident—and that’s fine. If you have ever wondered how to change your mindset from “I need to learn from someone more experienced than I” to “I need to train and lead a team,” Ioan Todoran shares what he learned during his time as a first-time test team lead. Ioan shares lessons about recruitment (where and how to look for people), interviewing (forget the boring, interrogatory-style interviews; move toward a more conversational approach), training (how to prepare the new testers for work on a commercial project), and navigating through the daily management duties while keeping the automation work going on your project (stop micromanaging; help, but don't suffocate; learn to offer quick solutions.) Learn how to establish better connections and communication channels with upper management while strengthening the relationships with your clients through an honest and direct approach.

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