Adopting Agile Practices on Non-Agile Projects

Peter Schuh, Peter Schuh Consulting

Does your team want to take a stab at Agile development without making a full commitment? Or, are you a manager who has read or heard about Agile development and want to experiment with it before making a large upfront investment? Then, this session is for you. Projects without the authority, time, or inclination to cast aside traditional development processes still can improve code quality, respond to change quickly, and deliver more valuable functionality by adopting one or more Agile practices. Learn how to embed Agile practices like automated testing, continuous integration, short iterations, and small releases into environments with heavy process, fixed schedules, and traditional waterfall methods. Here is an opportunity to discuss your development problems within the context of the presentation and walk away with valuable Agile techniques you can implement one at a time.

  • Seven agile practices that can be adopted in non-agile development lifecycles
  • Pragmatic implementation tips and tricks specific to each practice
  • Where to get more information on each practices.

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