Perfecto White Paper | Why Apps Succeed

Why Apps Succeed

How do successful brands drive revenue and attract and retain loyal customers? Delivering exceptional digital experiences across web and mobile channels has become a critical path to achieving these goals, and it separates the leaders from laggards.

Creating a reliable and engaging digital experience for customers is also an increasing challenge for enterprises. While users demand new mobile features and functionality, development and testing teams are struggling to keep up with the growing proliferation of mobile devices, the speed at which new devices and operating system versions are launched, and the variety of user conditions that need to be tested.

Perfecto surveyed enterprise-level web and mobile professionals from various industries and geographies to learn about their digital quality strategies.

Download this report to learn the key findings, including:

  • The biggest digital struggles companies are facing
  • The best team structure for enterprises
  • The role of automated testing
  • How to improve the digital experience


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