adzic cover Specification by Example: Collaborating on a Scope without High-Level Control

Understanding what the business users are trying to achieve can significantly help you focus the project on things that really matter. In this excerpt from Gojko Adzic's book Specification by Example, the author offers some tips for effectively collaborating on the project scope when you don’t have high-level control of the project.

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Automating Requirements Traceability

Developing software to meet users' specific needs can be a difficult task. Verification and validation activities can help ensure that you are building the right software right.

Bill Councill

Conference Presentations

Validation: What It Means in an FDA Regulated Environment

Even though formal validation may not be required in unregulated environments, many mission-critical applications could benefit from performing some of the same activities required for FDA regulated systems. Validation provides documented evidence showing, with a high degree of assurance, that a system will consistently meet its predetermined requirements. FDA validation is required if the use of the computer system could potentially impact product quality, safety, or efficacy, or if the system is used to support a regulatory submission function. Learn how validation is accomplished by looking at a series of qualification exercises typically prescribed in a Validation Protocol. Take back with you templates for a typical Validation Protocol, including the System Development Review, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification, and Revalidation.

Chrys Kyee, Genentech Inc
Test Automation of Large System Testing

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) traded over $10 trillion last year. Three years ago, NYSE established an initiative to improve the productivity and quality of software validation efforts. Learn the key architecture and infrastructure elements of that initiative.

Al Lowenstein, SIAC

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