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Computer screen showing clean code Clean Coding Practices for a Scalable Test Automation Framework

Many organizations are looking to expand their automation abilities by designing and developing test automation frameworks. However, we often abandon good coding practices in favor of working as fast as possible. We need to treat this project like any other application development project. Here are three of the most important clean coding practices to keep in mind in order to make a scalable test automation framework.

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Patterns for Writing Effective Use Cases

Use cases are a wonderfully simple concept: document a system's functional requirements by writing down scenarios about how using it delivers value to its actors. However, writing effective use cases is more difficult than expected because you frequently must deal with difficult questions, such as: scope, level of detail needed for different people and projects, how to describe external interfaces, stored data, and more. You need a source of objective criteria to judge use case quality and effectiveness. Fill this critical information gap with a pattern language that provides simple, elegant, and proven solutions to common problems in use case development. Take away these use case patterns and profit from the knowledge and experience of other successful use case writers. And develop a new vocabulary for describing the properties of quality use cases.

  • The "signs of quality" and properties of a good use case
Steve Adolph, WSA Consulting Inc.

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