The Top Five Reasons for Orchestrated IT Service Management

Service management systems are IT’s online face to the business. Although employees rely on enterprise applications and personal productivity tools to get their jobs done, they turn to the IT service system for fulfillment when they run into problems. This article defines the top five reasons for choosing orchestrated ITSM systems, then compares and contrasts these systems to the other classes of ITSM systems in use today.

David Hurwitz
How Does Software Development Fit in with ITIL's Configuration Management Database?

How does software development fit with your ITIL CMDB? ITIL® has long been recognized as the de facto industry standard for IT service management and the adoption of ITIL has been growing rapidly across the world. IT Service Management (ITSM) derives enormous benefits from a best practice approach. Change management and configuration management are core practices at the heart of ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000, the auditing standard that is aligned with ITIL.

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