Why You Cannot Afford to Overlook Environment Management Why You Cannot Afford to Overlook Environment Management

Environment management is an essential function in any complex, mission-critical system. Unfortunately, environment management is often overlooked and, even when addressed, usually only handled in the simplest way. Keeping an eye on your environment is actually one of the most important functions for IT operations. Bob Aiello explains how to get started with environment management.

Bob Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
Are Personality Issues Leading to Anxiety and Dysfunctional Ops? Are Personality Issues Leading to Anxiety and Dysfunctional Ops?

The root cause of bad service may have much to do with a personality trait known as anxiety and the often-dysfunctional defense mechanisms people resort to in an attempt to deal with its discomfort. If you want your IT operations group to be successful, then you need to consider the personality issues—at both the individual and group levels—that may impact their performance and your success.

Leslie  Sachs's picture Leslie Sachs
The Top Five Reasons for Orchestrated IT Service Management

Service management systems are IT’s online face to the business. Although employees rely on enterprise applications and personal productivity tools to get their jobs done, they turn to the IT service system for fulfillment when they run into problems. This article defines the top five reasons for choosing orchestrated ITSM systems, then compares and contrasts these systems to the other classes of ITSM systems in use today.

David Hurwitz
Picking SCM Standards or Frameworks

There are many things to consider when picking an SCM standard or framework for your organization. Taking the time to explore compliance, politics, experience, and driving forces before making a selection will increase acceptance and smooth the transition.

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