Bringing Business Value to IT Governance

For some organizations, IT governance is just another set of standards that is stated yet with few (or no) compliance expectations, little actual verification occurring, few or no metrics to indicate compliance, and even less use of the results by senior management to run their organization. Without support for standards, including practices, policy, verification, metrics and management’s commitment to use the results to manage the organization, IT governance, like any other standard, will only be perceived as yet another item that has little management support and is lacking value in the organization.

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Transparency improves Governance

The article discusses IT governance and compliance, which tends to suggest more formal and rigorous processes. The authors explore how you can agile practices with in the framework of governance and compliance rules and regulations.

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What’s Governance Got to Do with Effective Software Development?

Governance doesn't have to end in bureaucracy. Learn to maintain and refine your governance structures and you'll reap the rewards of improved decision-making processes.

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