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Robust Design Method for Software Testing[presentation]

This session presents a robust design method based on the Taguchi Approach.

Madhav Phadke, Phadke Associates
Automated Testing Framework for Embedded Systems[presentation]

Is it possible to use an "open architecture" automation test tool to avoid the pitfalls of testing in the embedded, real-time world? It is now.

Michael Jacobson, Northrop Grumman Corporation
What's That Supposed to Do? The Archeology of Legacy Systems[presentation]

In testing utopia, all software products submitted for testing have thorough and comprehensive documentation describing how every program function should work.

Patricia Ensworth, Moody's Investors Service
Proactive User Acceptance Testing[presentation]

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) tends to take a lot of effort, yet still often fails to find what it should.

Robin Goldsmith, Go Pro Management, Inc.
Testing In A Squeezed, Squeezed World[presentation]

All things are possible in the face of adversity, even an under-resourced testing project with an immovable deadline. Many testing projects start out with high ideals then descend into a mad panic when the realities begin to set in.

Geoff Horne, Integrity Software Testing & Quality
STAREAST 2002: Testing Web Site Security[presentation]

The Internet can be a less-than-secure place to conduct business. So how do you make sure your Web site is secure from attack? Is a firewall the only line of defense you need?

Steve Splaine, Splaine & Associates
Software Inspection: A Failure Story?[presentation]

Even the most successful inspections can fail if team members aren't vigilant.

Dorothy Graham, Grove Consultants
The Context-Driven Approach to Software Testing[presentation]

Several jokes about consultants revolve around the idea that they answer most questions by saying "It depends." The context-driven school of testing accepts the "It depends" reality but then asks, "Depends on what?" Rather than talking about

Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology
Get Real ! The Importance of Realism for Web Site Capacity Assessment[presentation]

What is meant by Internet realism during load testing/capacity assessment? Part of it is understanding the importance of not only carefully characterizing the behavior of visitors to a Web site, but also the behavior of the Internet itself.

Philip Joung, Caw Networks
Teach Your Automation Tool To Be As Smart As You[presentation]

Teach your automation tool to speak your language instead of the other way around.

Bonnie Bayly, Anteon Corporation
Using Metrics to Govern Outsourced Applications[presentation]

Outsourcing arrangements are established on the basis of a contractual partnership, with both parties having a vested interest in the success of the relationship.

Eric Buel, Eric Buel and Associates, Inc.
The Road to UML is Paved with Good Intentions[presentation]

A picture is worth a thousand words. Does that mean that a model is worth a thousand requirements? A thousand test cases?

Dion Johnson, Pointe Technology Group
Test Management in Turbulent Times[presentation]

In uncertain circumstances, the challenges facing test managers are numerous and, at times, daunting. Layoffs, reorganizations, restricted resources, and job concerns can contribute to the disruption of the status quo at any given time.

Lauri MacKinnon, Phase Forward Inc and Eric Patel, VeriTest Inc/Lionbridge Technologies
How to Thoroughly Test Your Data Warehouse[presentation]

The purpose of this paper is to describe general data warehouse structure and background, as well as specific situations encountered during the testing effort for our project.

Suellen Arbuckle, Eli Lilly & Company and Rebecca Cooper
Web Log Analysis for Performance Troubleshooting[presentation]

Web server logs contain powerful-but often hidden-information about the performance of your Web application. In this session, you'll learn how easy it is to enlarge your toolkit for Web performance testing.

Giuseppe Cassone, Telecom Italia Lab SPA


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