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The Road to UML is Paved with Good Intentions[presentation]

A picture is worth a thousand words. Does that mean that a model is worth a thousand requirements? A thousand test cases?

Dion Johnson, Pointe Technology Group
Test Management in Turbulent Times[presentation]

In uncertain circumstances, the challenges facing test managers are numerous and, at times, daunting. Layoffs, reorganizations, restricted resources, and job concerns can contribute to the disruption of the status quo at any given time.

Lauri MacKinnon, Phase Forward Inc and Eric Patel, VeriTest Inc/Lionbridge Technologies
How to Thoroughly Test Your Data Warehouse[presentation]

The purpose of this paper is to describe general data warehouse structure and background, as well as specific situations encountered during the testing effort for our project.

Suellen Arbuckle, Eli Lilly & Company and Rebecca Cooper
Web Log Analysis for Performance Troubleshooting[presentation]

Web server logs contain powerful-but often hidden-information about the performance of your Web application. In this session, you'll learn how easy it is to enlarge your toolkit for Web performance testing.

Giuseppe Cassone, Telecom Italia Lab SPA
Test Automation with Pure Data[presentation]

While Web-based GUI testing is all the rage, lots of us still operate in a world of UNIX shells, command lines, and scripts.

Brian Brumfield, Hewlett-Packard Openview
Testing The Chain: End-to-End Integration Test[presentation]

When processes include several applications, the testing process is complicated in many ways.

Gerard Numan, POLTEQ, B.V.
Basis Path Testing for Structural and Integration Testing[presentation]

Basis path testing is a structural testing technique that identifies test cases based on the flows or logical paths that can be taken through the software.

Theresa Hunt, The Westfall Team
Calculating the Return on Investment of Testing[presentation]

While revenues, cash flow, and earnings are vital statistics of a company's well-being, they're the by-product of what the company actually offers up as a product or service.

James Bampos, VeriTest Inc/Lionbridge Technologies and Eric Patel
Measuring and Benchmarking IT Performance[presentation]

IT leaders strive to continuously improve their software development and support practices by keeping watch on the industry's best practices.

Andy Sanchez, The David Consulting Group, Inc.
The Guided Inspection Technique[presentation]

Early detection of faults is a cost-effective technique for ensuring quality.

Melissa Russ, Korson-McGregor
Modeling Practice and Requirements[article]

Models are useful in different settings in different ways. Models can test facts, ideas and understanding, simulate operation, and aid coordination between systems and people. In this column, Becky Winant lists six model patterns she has seen in practice in software development organizations, talking about where each is appropriate, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Becky Winant
Positioning of Test Automation Services in an Organization[article]

This paper focuses on establishing test automation as a service in the software development organization at the outset, with the importance being given especially to the testing group. Test automation should direct its efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the manual testing process by providing 'Quality' Test Automation services. Test Automation should always aim at supplementing the manual testing to quickly assess the quality of the application under test through the execution of quality test automation suites. The building blocks of test automation services are discussed thoroughly to successfully finish test automation projects.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Computer Science 101: Software Testing?[magazine]

Where do you find new testers? For the most part, the answer is typically not "from your local university computer science or software engineering department." Testing just isn't taught as a subject in most university curricula. Here, James Whittaker suggests ways to get testing into your university.

James Whittaker's picture James Whittaker
Women Testing the Waters[magazine]

Picture the faces around the conference table at your last project meeting. How many women were in the room? And how many of them were testers? Alyn Wambeke explores whether the traditionally male-dominated landscape of testing is changing.

Alyn Wambeke
Generating Test Code with Teradyne TestMaster[magazine]

Robin Sahner looks at generating test code with Teradyne TestMaster. His group evaluated TestMaster on two projects. It did what they hoped it would, and now they're using TestMaster on all of their projects. They're not employing it to shorten their test development time or use fewer people; instead they plan to use it to get a more complete, more easily maintained set of functional tests using the same resources. Editors Note: Teradyne SST has become a new company called Empirix.

Robin Sahner


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