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Testing Your Software's Requirements[presentation]

Many testing organizations focus primarily on software executable code, but that's not the only thing you can test. For instance, did you ever consider testing your software requirements?

Brian Lawrence, Coyote Valley Software
Looking Ahead: Testing Tools in 2010[presentation]

It's May 15, 2010, and you're in a triage meeting reviewing the testing status and bugs in your telemedical software.

Sam Guckenheimer, Rational Software ATBU
Beyond Record and Playback: The Behind-the-Scenes View of Web Test Automation[presentation]

Web-based test automation goes well beyond the mere action of recording manual test scripts and replaying them. Test automation is more of a development process than the normal quality assurance or test effort.

Michael Prisby, UPS
Outsourcing Trials and Traps[presentation]

Sometimes outsourcing can help your business, but there's too much at stake to take outsourcing lightly.

Steve Jeffery, PowerQuest Corporation Inc
Applying Testing Expertise to the Retrospective Goldmine[presentation]

Digging up postmortem project data is like mining for gold. The returns can be significant and long-term because this is where your best (and worst) practices really shine.

Nick Borelli, Microsoft Corporation
The W Model Strengthening the Bond Between Development and Test[presentation]

In software development, thirty to forty percent of all software activities are testing related. That is why it is critical to launch test activities at the beginning of the project rather than after coding is completed.

Andreas Spillner, Hochschule Bremen and Karin Vosseberg, Specialists
Enterprisewide Testware Architecture[presentation]

Testware: the stuff of which tests are made. The term comprises a bewildering range of artifacts including data files, scripts, expected results, specifications, and environment information.

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants
Automated Web Testing Strategies[presentation]

As Web applications move from static content to dynamic transactions, the risk of failure increases while cycle time collapses.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft
STAREAST 2002: A Case Study In Automating Web Performance Testing[presentation]

Key ideas from this presentation include: define meaningful performance requirements; changing your site (hardware or software) invalidates all previous predictors; reduce the number of scripts through equivalence classes; don't underestimate

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
Investing Wisely: Generating Return on Investment from Test Automation[presentation]

Implementing test automation without following best practices and tracking your ROI is a prescription for failure.

Dale Ellis, TurnKey Solutions Corp.
STAREAST 2002: Writing Better Defect Reports[presentation]

Why is it some testers get a better response from developers than others? Part of the answer lies in their defect reports. But following a few simple guidelines can smooth the way for a much more productive environment.

Kelly Whitmill, IBM
A Crash Team Approach to Effective Testing[presentation]

Rapid changes and stunted delivery deadlines are always challenging software testers. To catch up, software testing must take a different approach without cutting corners-hence, the crash team.

Pei Ma, WeiMa Group LLC
Problems with Vendorscripts: Why You Should Avoid Proprietary Languages[presentation]

Most test tools come bundled with vendor-specific scripting languages that I call vendorscripts. They are hard to learn, weakly implemented, and most importantly, they discourage collaboration between testers and developers.

Bret Pettichord, Pettichord Consulting
Risk Analysis for Web Testing[presentation]

All Web sites take risks in some areas ... your job is to minimize your company's exposure to these risks. Karen Johnson takes you through a step-by-step analysis of a Web site to determine possible exposure points.

Karen Johnson, Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Test Automation of Distributed Transactional Services[presentation]

Distributed transactions are being implemented everywhere. Web services, EAI, and B2B are just a few examples. Testing these transactions across disparate systems-sometimes even across organizations and firewalls-is difficult, yet vital.

Manish Mathuria, Arsin Corporation


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