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Evaluating, Selecting, and Measuring Subcontractors[presentation]

During the past decade, it has become more commonplace to subcontract major portions of large software and systems engineering projects.

Jim Nielsen, Motorola
Usability and Risk Management in a Multi-Developer Context[presentation]

Driving usability improvement in an organization with more than 100 different software suppliers presents specific Quality Assurance challenges. This presentation describes the steps taken by one organization to meet this challenge.

Marilyn Valentino, EPRI
Benefits from Implementing a Process Improvement Program[presentation]

Faced with stiff competition and declining budgets, many organizations must determine what they expect in return on investment (ROI) from implementing a process improvement program.

David Putnam, U.S. Air Force
Software Measurement--What's in it for Me?[presentation]

This presentation looks at the success or failure of software measurement programs from a unique perspective: It addresses the human problems often encountered during implementation.

Arlene Minkiewicz, PRICE Systems, L.L.C.
Simple Software Defect Categorization for Defect Prevention[presentation]

Based on her experience with software development organizations at all five levels of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Barbara Kolkhorst outlines simple methods for documenting and categorizing defects and how to proceed with analysis for

Barbara Kolkhorst, IBM
Relentless Application Development[presentation]

Discover ways to develop and operate a team that can rapidly produce a tested, documented, and deployed application in less than three months!

Linda McInnis, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Introducing Personal Software Process--A Few (Un)Expected Lessons[presentation]

Learn how one company successfully implemented SEI-PSP to a significant part of its software engineering organization.

Robert Galen, Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
Critical Components of Asset Management[presentation]

Examine how Information Technology (IT) asset management methodologies can reduce your organization's IT budget between five and thirty-five percent.

Kathy Shoop, Janus Technologies, Inc.
Guerilla Software Metrics: Leaving the Developers Alone[presentation]

This presentation describes an approach to initiating and conducting a metrics program that takes advantage of existing measurement/tracking infrastructure without adding significant extra tasks and reporting responsibilities.

Scott Duncan, SoftQual Consulting
Establishing a SEI Capability Maturity Model Level 3 Metrics Program--And Living to Tell About It[presentation]

Metrics are foundational to CMM Levels 3, 4, and 5. However, introducing all of the metrics required by CMM Level 3 into your organization can seem like an insurmountable task.

Greg Parent, EDS
A Comparison of IBM's and Hewlett Packard's Defect Classification[presentation]

In this presentation, Jon Huber examines metrics obtained from categorizing the same set of defects using both IBM's Orthogonal Defect Classification and Hewlett Packard's Origins, Types, and Modes.

Jon Huber, Hewlett Packard
User Errors Are Not Software Bugs[presentation]

Traditional practices of user feedback are inefficient because they do not incorporate vital information about user errors.

Avi Harel, ErgoLight Ltd.
Using Software Measurement to Effect Change[presentation]

Using a real-life case study, Jeanette Horan presents how the search for product quality improvement at Lotus led to the realization that the software measurement process needed to be changed to drive organizational priorities.

Jeanette Horan, Lotus Development Corporation
Interpreting Graphical Defect Trend Data[presentation]

Evaluation of graphical defect trend data can dramatically increase your ability to predict current project quality, schedule milestone compliance, and provide historical data for proper test and development scheduling of later revisions.

Jim Olsen, Novell, Inc.
Adaptive Software Development[presentation]

Adaptive Software Development (ASD) is targeted for software teams where competition creates extreme pressure on the delivery process.

Jim Highsmith, Information Architects, Inc.


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