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Implementing Metrics in a Level 1 Organization[presentation]

This presentation focuses on the work necessary to implement metrics in an organization recently assessed at level 1.

Michael Hovan, Bayer Corporation
Measurement Maturity at CMM Level 3[presentation]

The SEI's Capability Maturity Model for Software (SW-CMM) considers measurement a key element in the effective management of software development.

Beth Layman and Kevin Schaan, TeraQuest Metrics Inc.
Our Experience Using Orthogonal Defect Classification[presentation]

Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) is a method of classifying and analyzing software defects.

Barbara Hirsh, Motorola
Mindless Process Improvement--Just Say NO![presentation]

The most common approach for process improvement is to document all processes. This process-centric approach can work, but it has a high risk of failure.

Neil Potter and Mary Sakry, The Process Group
Managing Software Project Schedules with Efficiency[presentation]

Software on-time delivery statistics show schedule slippage is a common phenomenon within the software industry.

Ziya Ma, Motorola
Tips from the Training Tsarina[presentation]

This presentation explores ways to plan and execute technical training to ensure the best possible use of resources to meet your organization's objectives.

Anntoinette Gurvin, General Dynamics Information Systems
Software Innovation to Benefit the Business: Updating Economic Analysis for Information Technology[presentation]

This presentation will provide historical background on the limitations of standard economic measurement categories, with suggestions on how to improve measurement for information technology.

David Fado, Reuters
Function Point Counting for Mere Mortals[presentation]

Function points have occupied a difficult place in software metrics. They correlate well with development effort, but their use has been hindered in part by the difficulty of learning them.

Lee Fischman, Galorath, Inc.
Evaluating, Selecting, and Measuring Subcontractors[presentation]

During the past decade, it has become more commonplace to subcontract major portions of large software and systems engineering projects.

Jim Nielsen, Motorola
Usability and Risk Management in a Multi-Developer Context[presentation]

Driving usability improvement in an organization with more than 100 different software suppliers presents specific Quality Assurance challenges. This presentation describes the steps taken by one organization to meet this challenge.

Marilyn Valentino, EPRI
Benefits from Implementing a Process Improvement Program[presentation]

Faced with stiff competition and declining budgets, many organizations must determine what they expect in return on investment (ROI) from implementing a process improvement program.

David Putnam, U.S. Air Force
Software Measurement--What's in it for Me?[presentation]

This presentation looks at the success or failure of software measurement programs from a unique perspective: It addresses the human problems often encountered during implementation.

Arlene Minkiewicz, PRICE Systems, L.L.C.
Simple Software Defect Categorization for Defect Prevention[presentation]

Based on her experience with software development organizations at all five levels of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Barbara Kolkhorst outlines simple methods for documenting and categorizing defects and how to proceed with analysis for

Barbara Kolkhorst, IBM
Relentless Application Development[presentation]

Discover ways to develop and operate a team that can rapidly produce a tested, documented, and deployed application in less than three months!

Linda McInnis, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Introducing Personal Software Process--A Few (Un)Expected Lessons[presentation]

Learn how one company successfully implemented SEI-PSP to a significant part of its software engineering organization.

Robert Galen, Wavetek Wandel Goltermann


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