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Experiences Testing E-Commerce Systems[presentation]

Developing, implementing, and running e-commerce systems really does require a fresh look at how testing assures product quality, contributes to project success, and maintains a quality product during live running.

Bob Bartlett, The SIM Group
How to Break Software Applications: A Case Study[presentation]

James Whittaker took a group of untrained (and untainted) college students, ran them through a rigorous testing boot camp, and then pointed them at an already tested, world-class software product.

James Whittaker, Florda Tech
Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases: What's the Difference?[presentation]

Test engineers are often asked to create a test plan for a product. Once the goals of the test project are defined, a test strategy needs to be developed. The second step is to create a test project plan to implement this strategy.

Howie Dow, Compaq Computer Corporation
Automated Testing of Web Content Tailored for Pervasive Devices[presentation]

With the emerging presence of pervasive computing devices across many market segments, and the corresponding growth in Web content tailoring, the need exists for automated test methodologies to verify tailoring engines and delivery systems.

Samuel Camut, IBM
Explaining Testing to Anybody[presentation]

Developers, management, and marketing people are clients of the testing process, but they don't know much about it. This ignorance of testing can often lead to decisions that make it harder for testers to do good work.

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc.
Automation Testing Using Visual Basic[presentation]

Visual Basic is one of the most popular and widely available programming languages in use today. It can also be the automation program of choice for testing Windows applications.

Mary Sweeney, Data Dimensions, Inc.
From Financial Expert to Quality Assurance Engineer[presentation]

The software testing industry requires QA Engineers to possess strong technical skills and experience. However, what sets one QA Engineer apart from another is extensive domain/product knowledge.

Aslama Hassam, Fidelity Investments
High Speed Testing Cycles: An Approach to Accelerated Delivery of Bug-Free Software[presentation]

Large companies often have multiple software development projects running at the same time. Getting enough infrastructure in place to test these projects concurrently, however, can be very difficult.

Daniel Navarro, Banco Nacional de Mexico
Functional and Regression Testing of Web Applications[presentation]

Gone are the days for most commercial Web sites when the "application" on the site was the Web.

Peter Cook, Watchfire
It Depends: Deciding on the Correct Ratio of Developers to Testers[presentation]

Some people think there is a specific answer to the question, "What is the correct staffing ratio for developers to testers in a software development organization?" Usually, though, the only right answer is, "It depends." The answer you need

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Automating Test Generation to Minimize Test Writing[presentation]

Learn how to minimize test writing by automating test generation!

Linda Mier, Taratec Development Corp.
An Emerging Requirement Type--Legal Requirements[presentation]

Testing to external standards is taking on new meaning-and a new sense of urgency-when money changes hands in cyberspace.

James Speer, Data Dimensions, Inc.
Beyond the Bug Battles[presentation]

It is too easy to fall into fruitless battles over bugs. In many cases, the dispute really comes down to the fact that customers and developers have different ideas regarding what counts as a defect.

Bret Pettichord, Tivoli Systems
Soap Opera Testing[presentation]

It is far from easy to develop good tests. Translating requirements one by one into test cases ins't always good enough.

Hans Buwalda, CMG TestFrame Research Center
Outsourcing the Software Testing Effort: A Negotiating Checklist[presentation]

This presentation raises several of the issues involved in partial or complete outsourcing of the software testing effort.

Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D., Florida Tech


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