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Resistance to DevOps Overcoming Resistance to DevOps

DevOps has it detractors, and they can send an enterprise back to the days when development and operations acted more like a volleyball game than a high-performance technology organization. This article will help you understand resistance to change involving DevOps and what you need to do in order to move that mountain.

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Implementing DevOps Deciphering DevOps

Many organizations struggle with understanding and implementing DevOps. The first question most managers ask is, “What is DevOps and how will it help me?” Organizations often refer to DevOps in several very different ways, and therein lies the confusion. Read on to find out what DevOps really means and what its practices can do for your work processes.

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Configuration Management and DevOps Stories 2013's Biggest Configuration Management and DevOps Stories

In 2013, we saw a remarkable number of system glitches involving large trading systems and the exchanges themselves along with a significant number of large banking systems. Bob Aiello writes how these incidents put DevOps best practices and configuration management in the spotlight of many technology reports.

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How to Build Reliable Systems How to Build Reliable Systems

Bob Aiello describes some of the essential techniques necessary to ensure that systems can be upgraded and supported while enabling the business through frequent and continuous delivery of new system features.

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Why You Cannot Afford to Overlook Environment Management Why You Cannot Afford to Overlook Environment Management

Environment management is an essential function in any complex, mission-critical system. Unfortunately, environment management is often overlooked and, even when addressed, usually only handled in the simplest way. Keeping an eye on your environment is actually one of the most important functions for IT operations. Bob Aiello explains how to get started with environment management.

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How DevOps Drives InfoSec

While DevOps is typically thought of as being the relationship and interaction between development and operations, the truth is that DevOps impacts QA, testing, and—most importantly—information security (InfoSec). DevOps is, above all else, a set of principles and practices tailored to improve communication between all stakeholders, of which InfoSec is a key part. This article will help you integrate your InfoSec into DevOps.

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Don't Forget Operations' Point of View in DevOps

Much of what is written about DevOps—a set of principles that helps development and operations teams work more effectively together—is delivered from the perspective of developers. In my opinion, DevOps needs to also take an operations point of view in order to be effective and practical. This article is all about putting the “ops” back into DevOps, so to speak.

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2013 Predictions for DevOps and IT Operations

The new year starts out with the perfect storm for DevOps and highlights the need for robust IT operations. Bob Aiello writes that in the coming year, many companies will be focused on stabilizing IT infrastructure and addressing many of the challenges that have so dramatically impacted businesses in recent memory.

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How to Develop Build and Deployment Essentials

Build and deployment are two of the most essential functions that are performed by the configuration management guru. In some ways, they represent the beginning and the end of the release management life cycle. Bob Aiello describes how to develop an effective build and deployment solution complete with all of the other steps that are required as well.

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CM Planning or Planning for CM

Configuration management planning is one of the classic functions that separate organizations with good IT controls from the shops that are mired in making the same mistakes over and over again. Bob Aiello explains what exactly you put into a CM plan and how to create plans that help get the work done more effectively.

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