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How to Make Your CM Process Agile

To make your CM process agile, go through it and identify how you can reduce end-user complexity, tool misfits, and areas of greatest risk. An agile CM process is one that supports all team members, making them more productive and simplifying their management tasks.

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Characteristics of the Agile SCM Solution

This article focuses on the characteristics of SCM solutions, tool, and environments that are necessary to for agile development to succeed, particularly about agile SCM striving to be as transparent and "frictionless", automating as much as possible.

The Agile Difference for SCM

The authors describe what they believe are the root causes of key differences between agile and traditional development and how they change certain assumptions SCM has about software development.

The Need for Agility in SCM

What is agility? Summarizing from last month's article agility is “The ability to both create and respond to change in order to profit in a turbulent business environment…. What is new about agile methods is not the practices they use, but their recognition of people as the primary drivers of project success, coupled with an intense focus on effectiveness and maneuverability.” [2]

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