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Approaching Parallel Development with Branch - Merge Strategies

Many times when managers first consider parallel development, it appears to be a very effective way to manage changes to concurrent streams of development. This is somewhat true if the project uses an SCM technology that allows for stable branching and establishes discreet project and maintenance branches. However, what is often forgotten is that while branching is a great way to separate code changes, at some point merging will have to occur. This article provides guidance for approaching and performing parallel development.

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The Trouble with $(wildcard)

$(wildcard) explained can be used anywhere in a Makefile or rule to get a list of files matching one or more glob style patterns.

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Makefile Assertions

Unfortunately, GNU Make does not have any form of assertions built in, but they are easy to create using existing GNU Make functions.

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Makefile Optimization: $(shell) and := go Together

Ask Mr. Make discusses Makefile optimization: ow $(shell) and := go together.

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Codeline Merging and Locking: Continuous Updates and Two-Phased Commits

This month we will discuss the subject of merging our changes with the codeline. First we will outline the basic process to use. Next, we'll mention some of the obstacles that arise, and strategies to overcome them. We will conclude with a discussion of how to decide which strategies are right for you!

The GNU Make Standard Library

The GMSL contains functions for list and string manipulation, has a complete integer arithmetic library, and functions for data structures: there are GNU Make implementations of associative arrays and stacks. There are also built-in debugging facilities.

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