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Beyond Configuration Management into Application Lifecycle Management—Just a Change of Focus?

CM is an important driver for development productivity, yet remains often overlooked when discussing how the development lifecycle could be optimized. Often, this happens because of the perceived complexity of parallel strategies and additional overhead. However, today’s CM tools offer powerful capabilities that allow users to tap into that potential.

Mike Shepard
Value of Configuration Management by Agile Professionals

Mario Moreira surveyed recently surveyed agile professionals to find out just how valuable CM processes and tools are to them. While there was a noticeable difference in opinion between different responder age groups, the overall response was overwhelmingly positive in CM's favor.

Mario  Moreira's picture Mario Moreira
Tips and Tricks From the Automatic Dependency Generation Masters

Make's dependency syntax is flawed because it incorporates both foo.o must be updated if header.h, system.h or foo.c are changed and foo.o is the result of compiling foo.c.  Thus, anything to the right of the : is a prerequisite, but the first prerequisite where there's a rule body (i.e. commands) is special: it's the prerequisite that will be passed to the compiler (or other command) to actually generate the target.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming
The Trouble with Hidden Targets

Make programs are very good at keeping track of targets, files that need to be built, and the dependencies between targets. But the Make program is only as good as its inputs. If you don't tell Make about a relationship between two files, it wont discover it on its own and it'll make mistakes because it assumes it has perfect knowledge about the files and their relationships.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming
Tracing rule execution in GNU Make

Who hasn't wondered what exactly Make's log file output means. This article is about Makefile tracing. I cover tracing the execution of Makefile rules.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming
Adding set operations to GNU Make

The new GMSL functions include ways of testing the relationship between sets and determining whether an individual element is in a set.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming
The Basics: VPATH and vpath

Ask Mr. Make talks about the uses of VPATH and vpath.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming
Learning Make with the Towers of Hanoi

The Towers of Hanoi puzzle consists of a small board with three pegs on it. On the left most peg a stack of discs is arranged in descending order of size: the largest disc is on the bottom.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming
Make Clean: Usman's Law

Usman's Law (named after a smart coworker of mine who spent months working with customer Makefiles). make clean is intended to take you back to a state where everything will be rebuilt from scratch.   Often times it doesn't. Here's why.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming
GNU Make User-Defined Functions

Creating GNU Make built-in functions is easy, but it does create a maintenance problem: the next time GNU Make is updated we'll need to port our changes to the new version.

John Graham-Cumming's picture John Graham-Cumming


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