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Question mark: configuration management Where Did Configuration Management Go?

Amid all the excitement of DevOps, continuous delivery, and the magic of single-push-button deploys, some folks have forgotten the prerequisites. You cannot implement continuous anything without effective configuration management. This article will help you reassess where you are and ensure that you have the basic building blocks in place to ensure success.

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Automation of Branching Automation of Branching, Merging, and Notifications in Parallel Development

Developers are distracted from coding by the need to interact with version control systems. Automation of branching, merging, and notifications allows developers to focus on coding. However, integration between the VCS and issue-tracking system, and preferably a continuous integration tool, is necessary to accomplish this goal.

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Automation Opportunities Automation Opportunities in Agile Release Management

In modern software development, changes to the code base of a project occur quickly as a result of high levels of end-user feedback and shifting needs. Agile has become an increasingly important software development lifecycle management methodology, and using automation to manage a code repository allows continuous integration to take center stage without imposing costs due to human error.

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Continuous Delivery in Apps Database Continuous Delivery Meets Your Application

Continuous delivery meshes well with agile development: Both facilitate the need to move quicker and deal with ever-changing requirements, delivering the best quality possible but usually with not enough resources. Agility is what is expected from technology companies and IT divisions. So, what does it take to have continuous delivery in your database?

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Streamlining Build Processes and Configuration Management Streamlining Build Processes and Configuration Management for Truly Agile Organizations

Technology-driven companies, regardless of size and scale, are facing the increasing need to ship better code faster while meeting business requirements. This requires collaboration and interaction among the traditional information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), information technology service management (ITSM), and development teams for a truly agile organization to emerge.

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Database Version Control and Why It Matters A Primer on Database Version Control and Why It Matters

While source code version control has been a staple of basic software configuration management (SCM) in most development projects for decades, databases have been largely ignored. Implementing SCM principles in database development gives objects protection and enables the automation of database deployments. Software can help to facilitate these processes, but database SCM practices should be instilled from the top of the development organization in order to ensure optimal benefits.

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Creating a Lean Six Sigma Pull System Creating a Lean Six Sigma Pull System

Lean Six Sigma is a leadership methodology that significantly improves process quality, speed, costs, and agility. One of the concepts applied is called a pull system, and in this article Steven Bonacorsi explains how to design one for your process. Doing so will help you to stabilize a process flow into a predictable work control system.

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Learning GNU Make Functions with Arithmetic

GNU Make has no built-in arithmetic capability. In this article, I present a collection of GNU Make macros that implement functions for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers. Functions are also provided for integer comparisons such as “greater than” and “not equal.” These macros are implemented entirely using GNU Make's built-in string manipulation functions.

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Selecting the Right Software Version Control Product

Michael Feighner draws up a checklist of version-control-tool criteria to aid an organization in selecting the best tool. His goal here is to suggest a partial framework for deciding which tool best fits your needs while at the same time adhering to configuration management best practices.

Michael Feighner
Rocks Build Management Essentials: The Basics and More

In theory, build management is simple. But like many aspects of IT, in reality, it's quite complex. This article introduces the basics of build management and provides a foundation on which to build further study.

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