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Software Testing Turnovers

This paper was originally presented at an SQE STAR conference. It is offered here unedited in its original format.


Jeffrey S. Davis
Estimation for Test Projects

This paper discusses practical tools and techniques for adapting to project constraints. A hypothetical case study is also included.

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc.
A Roadmap for Automating Software Testing

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Michael Sowers, Software Development Technologies
Introduction to Systematic Testing

This course provides an introduction and overview of a systematic approach to testing. The goal is to create well focused and structured tests. This is only one view of testing. Other views, such as exploratory testing, look at the process from a different perspective. Dale Perry explains systematic testing.

Dale Perry, Software Quality Engineering
Managing Your Master Test Suite

What is your master test suite made of? Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails? If you're like most testing organizations, that probably isn't too far off. The trick is to find ways to improve and optimize your test suite by using all the information available to you. This includes customer documentation, test plans, customer-found defects, information from coverage analysis, and past project and application history. Dale Bettine points out the pitfalls of trying to manage your test suite even as he reveals its effectiveness.

Dale Bettine, Intel Corporation
"Excel-erating" Test Status Reporting

As a tester, you're often asked how far along your testing effort is, and when it will actually be done. This is one of the most difficult-and nerve-wracking-questions to answer, especially when a project has just begun or is nearing completion. While a tool is what's needed to help gather information and effectively answer this inquiry, many companies cannot afford to purchase or implement a complex, commercial tool. But there is a solution available in commercial spreadsheet products, particularly Microsoft's Excel. Earl Burba shows you how to use the logic and formula functions of Excel along with a combination of linked worksheets to develop an easy-to-use test status report tool.

Earl Burba and Jim Hazen, SysTest Labs
Growing Up to be a Good Test Manager

The day-to-day complexities of managing a test team can be a daunting responsibility for a new test manager or a beginning test lead. Not to worry, novices at this echelon of testing should take heart, as Jon Hagar shares his expert insight on how to become a superior test manager. This presentation outlines the knowledge and skill sets the inexperienced need to acquire, while highlighting various learning strategies designed to help test managers and leads excel in their new jobs.

Jon Hagar, Lockheed Martin
Conversations I Never Expected to Have as a Test Manager

There are times in a test manager's career when the work situation becomes surreal. If you've been in situations where you think you must be dreaming, sometimes it helps to look at things from the other person's perspective. As we mature in our jobs, we can examine these situations and see how to better answer the questions we have about unexpected communications. In this session we'll look at some typical conversations and discuss alternative ways to help everyone find the true reality, then better deal with the situation. From her years of experience as a consultant and her personal encounters, Johanna Rothman shares her insights and gets you involved in discovering what's really being said in these strange conversations.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group
Selecting and Implementing a Test Management Tool

Tool selection is always tricky with its endless choices from vendors, boundless feature lists, and myriad of requirements from demanding team members. You've probably read a lot about selecting a test automation tool, but what about a test management tool? Emerging tools are more feature-rich than ever, and in many organizations they've become a permanent fixture in the QA environment. This session gives you a road map for the selection and implementation of a test management tool. Rutesh Shah presents a case study of a tool's implementation in the QA organization of a large banking firm. Learn how to use a test management tool to derive process efficiency, resource utilization, and testing status metrics.

Rutesh Shah, Arsin Corporation and Byron Ackerman, Wells Fargo Internet Services
Pressure-Cooker Testing: What to Do When the Squeeze is On

All things are possible in the face of adversity, even an under-resourced testing project with an immovable deadline. Many testing projects start out with high ideals, then descend into mad panic when the realities begin to set in. Usually by this stage it's too late to back out of commitments, yet delivering a product that doean't meet customer and business expectations is not an option. Geoff Horne offers some useful insights for taking a resource- and time-challenged project and turning it into a successful endeavor that still delivers a quality solution.

Geoff Horne, iSQA


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