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VOB file elements are corrupting with "bad character" and "text_file_delta" Errors.


Our VOB is of size size 52GB, 10years old, mounted on Solaris OS and using by 400 Users. From the past One Year, we observed that VOB elements are keep on corrupting with "^D" or "text_file_delta" error. We are unable to do diff with predecessor version, not able to make Builds because of corrupted files. Even we are unable to count Source Lines of Code also. I forgot to mention that, we are using ClearCase ver.6.0.

Last 8 months back, we raised a PMR, IBM resolved some file elements using "checkvob" and by remotely accessing they used some IBM scripts to solve the issue. Finally, by the end of March. We and IBM Technical Support Engineers resolved all corrupted file elements issue. Recently, we observed that 2 (two) of the files got corrupted again and VOB is not in Sync with two of our replicas. Problem started again.

What is a Virtual VOB in ClearCase?

Hello Friends,

Please let me know, what exactly is a "Virtual VOB" in ClearCase. How to make it? implement the polocies? Do we require any seperate SW like VMVare to create a Virtual VOB? I am working in a Telecom Based Company and we are about to get a new Project, there our Project Manager requirement is to create a "Virtual VOB" using ClearCase. We will go in details in next month. Before that, I want to know what it is, why it is used for, how to create it. Thanks for all your answers for my Query.

Best Regards/Sebastian.


Best Agile Release Tool

Hi all,

We are currently implementing agile, and have a fully realised development cycle in place.  I have now been tasked with implementing a deployment tech stack.  We are currently running a Subversion repository, feeding in to a Jenkins / Maven continuous integration platform, and an Artefactory Repository for compiled code.  We then have no path out of Artefactory (at the moment, the devs are packaging up complete WARs of the environment and copying manually to the target area).  I want to implement a continuous deployment solution, that can be used by developers for small fixes and by tech leads for large releases.

Checkins wrt right Bug going onto LIVE

Hello Experts,

  Wanted to understand a situtation: My developers checkins code (majorly) into any bug they feel like & mention bug number which they have fixed in CR. I want to bring in  strict process of checkin code in bug which they want to send in CR. Is this something unexpected i am asking  or difficult or become bottleneck to my developers? Any best practices shared?

Below is my scenrios-

Case 1 - CR has 1 master bug  having 5 child bugs, Commited code in some other X bug which is no where linked in these bugs.

Case 2- CR has 1 master bug having 5 child bugs, sending only 3 child bugs  at last minute call but need to send half commited files in  other 4th Child bug.

Usually we create CR once coding is done & needs to send for Testing but bug is created beforehand. CR is majorly become for  documentation /release tracking.




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CruiseControl doesnt catch deployment errors

Hello All, 

We call deploy scripts(cmd files) through our own make xml files from cruisecontrol. In the deploy CMD files there is error level return explicitly mentioned. But still cruise control does not catch the errors. Logs show it as failed but reports sucessfull. Below is how we call deploy scripts. 

1. from cruisecontrol config.xml we call our own xml file like below

<schedule  >

 <ant anthome="C:\bea103\modules\org.apache.ant_1.6.5" 





2. and that mybuild.xml content is as below 

<target name="xxxx">

       <exec dir="V:\xxx\xxx\xxx" executable="cmd.exe" output="checkETSApps.txt">

    <arg line="/c deploy.cmd"/>



3. and deploy.cmd content is as below 

call deploybackend.cmd(this telnets with servers)

New Name
Guidelines for Building a Monolithic Release Management System

The release management system is an important component of the service-transition process. This article highlights the importance of building a monolithic release management system, which encompasses all of the functions and processes necessary to support application build, package, and deployment. The monolithic release management is holistic, comprehensive, and based upon industry best practices. These guidelines are applicable for any type of organization or projects of any size.

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SCM Consultant Startup

Wondering if such profile exist in industry where one SC Expert can startup a small Consultancy on SCM Setup in new companies or enhance existing SCM profiling using best practices. Something like freelancing kinda.

Would be great knowing such people & companies which started at small scale & how it turned up. If anything such exist in India? How is the response ?

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Join the CM Wiki Team!

Hi everyone,

my esteemed colleague Marc Bools and I have started working on bringing back the CM Wiki and we want you to help us with the design and requirements of a new CM Wiki!!!

Here is a hight level list of the topics from the old wiki. This is your chance to help!!

Topics you will find in the CM web 


  • Configuration Management 
  • Software Configuration Management 
  • Build Management 
  • Change Management 


  • CM Tools - Software and tools for Change and Configuration Control - HCM/SCM 
  • CM Integrations - Integration of CM tools with other tools 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

Concepts and theories: 

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Future Topics for CM Crossroads!!!

Hi everyone,

as always we love to get YOUR input on which topics we should be covering in the coming months. 
Obviously, DevOps is hot, Cloud & Mobile are essential. We have had many issues dedicated to CM for Small Teams, Process and more process and tips and strategies for Build Engineers.

What topics would you like us to cover? What topics would you like to write about yourself??
(Hint - I will help you! - just contact me directly)

Bob Aiello
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

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SCM and ITIL for technologies such as Cloud Computing?

Dear All,

I would like to know the SCM tools that are used for technologies such as Cloud Computing. Seen from this perspective, has anything changed with regards to the ITIL processes? For instance, with cloud computing, servers and application softwares are maintained by thirdparty companies such as Amazon. So, when development needs to release and deploy a software package, what ITIL processes have changed (if any)? I imagine that the SCM processes would be lean for cloud computing - correct me if I am wrong?



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E-mail: [email protected]

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