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Quick, Before We Release

Matt Heusser presents ten key factors to establish a team cadence—the time between running tests and getting a product into production. The shorter the cadence, the less time spent in test/fix/retest land, and the more time spent working on new features.

Matthew Heusser's picture Matthew Heusser
Harmony in Releases Achieving Enterprise Release Harmony

An enterprise release consists of individual releases, some independent and some dependent. If we think of an enterprise release as a song, then the individual releases can be thought of as the musical notes that make up the song. This article discusses problems associated with an enterprise release and ways in which these problems can be overcome, resulting in release harmony.

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Migrating from SVN to Clearcase UCM


I am working an project to migrate from SVN to Clearcase UCM. Kindly guide me if any one have step by step process to move with or without revision files from SVN to Clearcase UCM.


Thanks in advance.

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Tools used for release requests, approvals


Lets say our team wants to push a perl script to production asap. The developer has committed the code in subversion. Now how does this reach the build person? Do you use any modern tools for requesting/approval process for the release. Right now we are using our own system developed using perl/cgi which scans for the new commits and displays it so that dev can choose the file with the version and request a code release.

We want to improvise this as we are moving to svn. How does everyone achieve this? What tools, plugins do you use for requesting a particular file and its version? How about the approvals?

Thanks in advance.

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What's the latest on bringing the forums back?

I've re-read through the couple of questions that cover this before and thought a new one was in order. It's been over a year now and nothing's been visible. We've been told it's been discussed and has been in "sprints" and that every intention is to bring them back, but nothing has manifested itself on this site. I've also been told that we can have access to the old forums , if we ask, and I did and still nothing to search by. Based on the number of answers given in the Q&A section, I think most users have abandoned the site. I hope you can re-build it into what it once was. 

David Day
Is there any SCM tool which allows to define dependency between any 2 Configurable Items?



Is there any SCM tool which allows to define dependency between any 2 artifacts within the project.

Technically this is possible with some tools like Maven & Make but in case of any 2 word documents can this be defined using SCM tools?



Live Life's picture Live Life
Introducing the DevOps Database Gap Introducing the DevOps Database Gap

Yaniv Yehuda details how DevOps is a natural evolution within the software industry as it drives business value and enables the organization. This article will describe how database management and the database administrators need to be part of any comprehensive DevOps approach.

Yaniv  Yehuda's picture Yaniv Yehuda
Can someone help with best practice managing customer application configurations (not environment configs)?

Question title may not be specific enough and I feel like I could right a book but I'll try to keep it concise.


Configuration example Freight configurations (3 tables)


First process attempt:


Resource took BA configuration Word document that came out of system study


Resource wrote SQL and XML patches and checked them into source control


Above step was initial configuration of the customer's application data


Patches were packaged up into Release Package with source and schema changes and were installed by install utility


Over time developer adds configurations as features were implemented.  These were also SQL and XML patches checked into source control


Over time QA adds configurations as features were implemented or new application configurations were discovered


Glenn Batson's picture Glenn Batson
workflow of a code release

Hi everyone,

What is the workflow of a code release using SVN? Do the developers cut a tag every time they need to push some code to production?  Right now we use CVS and the developers request code change through a request form which scans for files and the versions. They select the files and request a code change. The release enginner starts with the file names and their versions, checks out and releases to test and prod. How can I achieve something like this in SVN. since SVN uses global revision numbering system I would like to know if developers request the entire repository after creating a tag or do file based?

Ambika S's picture Ambika S
Configuration Flags Configuration Flags: A Love Story

By implementing configuration flags as part of the initial stages of development, engineers imbue all new features with the capability to leverage system-level strategies, such as multivariate testing, beta testing, and “emergency toggles.” In this article, Noah Sussman describes some battle-tested strategies to implement and leverage configuration flags in production.

Noah Sussman's picture Noah Sussman


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