Outsourcing Testing Tasks

IT's continuing push towards cost reduction has led to the burgeoning of the outsourcing industry. Implementing an outsourcing strategy is quickly becoming the competitive advantage for companies that need to test software and related components. Outsourcing firms offer other advantages and benefits that may have been previously overlooked, including cost savings. Jose Fajardo examines these benefits and other competitive advantages associated with outsourcing testing tasks for companies interested in transitioning to an outsourced testing strategy.

Jose Fajardo
Can U.S. IT Survive Outsourcing?

In this era of economic uncertainty there is one thing you can count on--IT companies looking out for their bottom lines. In this week's column, software developer Matthew Heusser explores why American companies are increasingly sending IT jobs overseas and what the U.S. industry can do to adapt to this employment exodus.

Matthew Heusser's picture Matthew Heusser
Who's Testing Your Software?

Due to shrinking budgets, organizations have scaled back testing beyond the point of acceptable risk. Some companies have eliminated QA resources altogether, pushing testing responsibilities back onto programming staff, which is itself spread too thinly to get it done. Unfortunately, this means that software (and even some hardware) is being released in an untested state. It's important to ask who is doing the testing on your project to ensure the testing is being done at all.

Sheryl Smith
Driving Forces for Success

Uncertainty and risk weigh in the decision to outsource, or not to outsource. In this article, Jay Boyle provides useful information and tips for knowing when to outsource and making the right decision when selecting an outsource vendor.

Jay Boyle
Addicted to Adrenaline

Are you a manager who lavishes praise on those who can swoop in and save the day when a project hits the skids? Are you an employee who prides yourself on damage control and the ability to pull all-nighters? If so, industry expert Linda Hayes suggests that you or your organization may have a condition that masks an even more troubling underlying problem.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
How to Jump-Start Inspection by Outsourcing

Even though the benefits of inspection have been extensively documented, you may find it hard to introduce this practice into your development process. A novel approach to finding defects, an outsourced software inspection service is easier to introduce and has successfully jump-started inspection in the software development organizations of major telecommunications and industrial process companies.

Jasper Kamperman

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