Development Lifecycle Performance Monitoring across the Development Lifecycle

The nature of software delivery has evolved significantly over the years. This has led to a change in how application teams work, so the tools they should use to help them deliver software have also changed. Integrating application performance monitoring into the software development lifecycle means issues affecting performance can be fixed before applications are deployed.

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Interoperate or Integrate

Most of the organizations in today's world have some legacy software or systems. With pressures coming from outsourcing and cost-cutting, new applications are constantly being added to existing IT frameworks. In most cases, it is risky to completely replace the existing systems. As a result, most places have complex applications and systems frameworks. In order to achieve a successful coexistence of several applications on different platforms and technology architecture, teams are faced with some major questions, such as "Should we interoperate or integrate?"

Ipsita Chatterjee
Measurement in the CMM

A recent question in the Quality Engineering-Metrics message board (on asked about measurement at the different levels in the Software Capability Maturity Model. This article begins a series that will highlight the measurement requirements at each of the CMM Levels, starting with Level 2. Measurement in the CMM is often misunderstood when people focus only on the "Measurements and Analysis" sections of the model. This article offers an in-depth explanation of the CMM.

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