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Deployment Automation Consider Deployment Automation to Add Business Value Faster

“Business value sooner” is a simple phrase, but it has been pondered by the best IT project managers. Deployment automation provides business value sooner, which makes for a better return on investment. It not only gets features to market sooner but also gets defects resolved faster.

James Sullivan
Managing Component Dependencies Managing Component Dependencies

Bob Aiello explains that software engineers and architects do an amazing job designing a system’s architecture that fully represents all of the parts of the system that are created during the development lifecycle. However, one of the biggest challenges is understanding how each part of the system depends upon the others.

Bob Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
Managing Servers: With Agents and Without Managing Servers: With Agents and Without

Andrew Phillips details the challenges and advantages of two specific approaches to automating server management: agentless and agent-based automation. Agent-based automation refers to when a small piece of software—called an agent, service, or daemon—is installed on each target server, whereas agentless management automation software interacts with the remote-control functionality built into each host-operating system to perform the administrative tasks.

Andrew Phillips's picture Andrew Phillips
Configuration Management Interoperability Solution A Configuration Management Interoperability Solution

David Lawton writes that with a few changes to capital project business processes and the implementation of a content management interoperability services (CMIS) database, operations content can be extracted directly from originating tools and populated into a data model that helps operations manage the lifecycle configuration. Consuming the project content during the project provides a vehicle to transform and feed subsequent processes.

David Lawton's picture David Lawton
Trusted Application Base Why Target Needs a Secure, Trusted Application Base

Target’s well-publicized disclosure that customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) had been compromised is the latest software “glitch” that is getting a fair amount of attention. Read on if you would like to know how to secure your systems without having to rely upon security scans that only detect the presence of a problem after it is already on your server.

Bob Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
Streamlining Build Processes and Configuration Management Streamlining Build Processes and Configuration Management for Truly Agile Organizations

Technology-driven companies, regardless of size and scale, are facing the increasing need to ship better code faster while meeting business requirements. This requires collaboration and interaction among the traditional information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), information technology service management (ITSM), and development teams for a truly agile organization to emerge.

Rohit Mukherjee's picture Rohit Mukherjee
Configuration Management and DevOps Stories 2013's Biggest Configuration Management and DevOps Stories

In 2013, we saw a remarkable number of system glitches involving large trading systems and the exchanges themselves along with a significant number of large banking systems. Bob Aiello writes how these incidents put DevOps best practices and configuration management in the spotlight of many technology reports.

Bob Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
Implement Agile without Breaking the Bank Ways to Implement Agile without Breaking the Bank

James Sullivan explains popular agile frameworks and outlines their costs and benefits. If you're worried that you are at a place where you cannot make the sort of investments that these agile frameworks require, James is here to discuss foundational agile practices that can provide you key benefits without the costs associated with these kinds of agile brands.

James Sullivan
Configuration Management Needs Analytics Why Change and Configuration Management Needs Analytics

Analytics-driven management stands to end the key challenges that constrain change and configuration management. By applying powerful analytics to the overwhelming change and configuration data, IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) technology can turn massive amounts of information into clear, actionable insights.

Sasha Gilenson's picture Sasha Gilenson
Facility Capital Project Deliverables Configuration Management of Facility Capital Project Deliverables

Many large-scale projects require a remarkable number of deliverables that can be challenging to manage and maintain. This article explores the facility capital project information and the need for the owner/operator (O/O) to explore the individual deliverable documents to develop a listing of digital content necessary to support facility lifecycle processes.

David Lawton's picture David Lawton


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