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I am currently using SCM for version control only and need to "split" a project into two different projects but I cant lose the versions. I already tried extracting and loading a repository but the versions get wiped out. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

I am involved in a migration from PVCS/VM into Subversion and am trying to workout/setup some "confidence building" reports to show/prove (both to me and to the end-user) that everything that was in PVCS has been migrated.

My generic process is:

1) List content of PVCS/VM ProjectDB using History/vlog

2) List content of PVCS/VM ProjectDB using SVNIMporter "list" option

3) Compare outputs - they should be identical. (I know the SVNIMporter only uses the PCLI commands so this is really only proving that PCLI works "twice" but it provides confidence that the "new" utility (SVNImporter) actually finds the right stuff)

4) Produce SVN DUMPs of the PVCS ProjectDB using SVNImporter "full" option

5) **** Is there an easy way to "list" the content of the dump to "prove" (of establish confidence) that it contains whats expected?
(I suspect the answer to this is NO)

6) Load the Dumps into a new SVN Repo using the SVNAdmin load utility. (I am actually running this "native" rather than runnung it via SVNImporter not least due to the required execution time)

6a) I may use the Load logs as another comparison ie prove SVNAdmin tried to load the right files.

7)***** I would like to produce a list/report of the (Various) content of the now populated SVN Repository (prior to checking out working copies) (Logic suggests that I can match "content" of PVCS Labels against corresponding SVN Tags, PVCS "tip revisios" vs SVN Trunk etc etc).
8) Checkout working copy of various Branches/Tags/Trunk via SVN and compare to "equivalent" checkedout/got from PVCS

9) Lower level file comparisons etc.

My (main) query is No 7 - ie listing the content of SVN Repos into a (text/csv) file for highlevel comparison to equivalent output from PVCS
ie Highlevel comparisons of "every CI" without the need to checkout thousands of files!

Tools I have access to currently:

PVCS/VM & PCLI - which I can tune to produce pretty much what I wantSubversion, SVNAdmin, TortoiseSVN

I have had a brief look at the svn list command but this appears to "look" at SVNRepo via a working directory (ie post checkout).

Help/advice/good ideas welcome? ;) ;)

We have a few shared projects used as buckets for adhoc pieces of code, and it looks like one of them was checked in yesterday; they normally sit at 'shared' status, but one has now changed to 'prep' status and build managers are now unable to add new objects (permission denied to workarea folder).

Is there an easy way for me to move this project back from 'prep' to 'shared' that anyone knows?

Thanks in advance,


All of a sudden Services startup tab is missing in clearcase control panel applet.

Does any one about this error?

Pls Let me know the resolution.

I was just wondering what the group thought.

Is ClearCase/ClearQuest nearing end of life since most of the new development at IBM/Rational is being done on Rational Team Concert?

It seems like all the new patches for both ClearCase and ClearQuest revolve around making it play nice inside Team Concert.

The developers works on the customers' systems (out of the office). We have installed Harweb on the server connected on the internet network (with the public ip) which work fine.

We have problem with agent connection.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


I have a user who is attempting to "rnmame" an element, but keeps getting an error that the element in question has checkouts, but the element is not checked out in that UCM project.

I have seen instances of this before where a user removed the object while it was checked out in a previous directory version, and to fix you just go back to that directory version and undo the checkout. In this instance, there was no checkouts in the previous directory version. The user had deleted the checked out versions (checked out but removed), and I had them undo the checkouts using the CLI unco command. This made the checkouts go away, but it still won't let the user remove them using rmname.

I also had the user delete their view and recreate it, thinking this would undo all checkouts by default, but even that did not work.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

When i try to install CA SCM i get this error:

'ERROR: Pec installation failed with error code: -1073741819'

Can someone help me.

Andrea Baroni

I am interested in starting a discussion on how to perform "SCM/CM Assessments".

I would like to develop a plan and set of activities that can help review and assess any existing processes and providing improvement suggestions to the cause. I am not aware of any documents that can give me this insight, and I am looking for a deep set of information to support this cause.


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