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By Amy Shebes - September 25, 20131 Answer

How do I go about posting a job on this site.  I was referred here by a member who suggested that members would appreciate it.  I cannot figure out how to post one though.  Any assistance is much apprecaited.

Thank you.

CM, ALM Engineer in Toronto, ON - web, tfs, sql - [email protected]

I have a build process that is triggered by hrefresh and a project name is passed to the script from Change Manager and will perform a check-in utilizing CA SCM Command Line Interface.  I am curious if hrefresh can read-in the package name to be passed along with project name to my build script so the script know the package to check into?

I am using the JHSDK jar available in ths installation directory of CA to write a java program for an automation project.


I am using the below Java code to select the packages from ACEDEV13.06.00.00 from SW Development view and promoting it to next stage 'Integration Test(AIT)'.


Java Code:


JCaContext context = harvest.getContext();

boolean approve = context.setApprove("Approve"); //Exception @ this line is E0309000d: ERROR: Could not get Process.

boolean promote = context.setPromote("Promote");


//Setting the Approval

CaApprove jcaApprove = context.getApprove();


jcaApprove.setDescription("Approved Desc");



//Setting the Promote

JCaPromote jcaPromoteObj =  context.getPromote();

System.out.println(" getToStateName "+jcaPromoteObj.getToStateName());

System.out.println(" getToStateObjId "+jcaPromoteObj.getToStateObjId());





Exception I get : E03090027: ERROR: Could not get Approve Process from Context. E03090010: ERROR: Could not get Promote Process from Context.


Do I need to set any mode to context or harvest object to make the Promote process to work. Kindly help me with this.

This plan can addresss either FCA/PCA Formal audits or in-process CM process review and verification audits or both.


Our VOB is of size size 52GB, 10years old, mounted on Solaris OS and using by 400 Users. From the past One Year, we observed that VOB elements are keep on corrupting with "^D" or "text_file_delta" error. We are unable to do diff with predecessor version, not able to make Builds because of corrupted files. Even we are unable to count Source Lines of Code also. I forgot to mention that, we are using ClearCase ver.6.0.

Last 8 months back, we raised a PMR, IBM resolved some file elements using "checkvob" and by remotely accessing they used some IBM scripts to solve the issue. Finally, by the end of March. We and IBM Technical Support Engineers resolved all corrupted file elements issue. Recently, we observed that 2 (two) of the files got corrupted again and VOB is not in Sync with two of our replicas. Problem started again.

Please let me know, why VOB file elements corrupts often? Is it because of, if any user uses some third party tools for his Coding/Development in VOB? We CMs follow strict polocies, some of the file elements are not even loading into VOB (Snapshot views), saying "size got exceeded". This became a big mess for us. Now, Developers are making Builds by hijacking the files. We know that, this is not a Good Practise. Please someone of you can help us in this regard. PFA, VOB Errors. Thanks in advance!

Best Regards/Sebastian

By Caolan Dix - May 21, 20131 Answer

Hello all,

I have a question regarding SCM tools.

Some history, we've been having issues with SVN merges where it loses code. It is not common, but it happens often enough that we lose a great deal of engineering time and confidence in our releases.
 None of us are novices at this so we have determined this to be a tool issue, not PEBCAK.

We have a cross platform (Linux and .NET) build environment executing N/ant scripts with CI done in Hudson/Jenkins. The tools need to work as plugins to Eclipse for Linux, and Visual Studio for Windows.

We have reviewed git, perforce, Accurev, and TFS. For various reasons (mostly the cost wrt the latter three) mgmt has rejected these. We have 25 developers in our shop split between two teams.

I am wondering if anyone has done a side-by-side compare and contrast of the various SCM tools most commonly used so that I can go to our management who are writing the checks, and the developers who will be using the products to make an educated decision.


My experience is with SVN, Serena, PVCS, Perforce, and Accurev.

I have done searches myself and found some information, and I understand this is a huge thing to ask as well, but any input or links to the data needed is appreciated. I am trying to round out my data set.

Thank you,


Caolan Dix

Hello Friends,

Please let me know, what exactly is a "Virtual VOB" in ClearCase. How to make it? implement the polocies? Do we require any seperate SW like VMVare to create a Virtual VOB? I am working in a Telecom Based Company and we are about to get a new Project, there our Project Manager requirement is to create a "Virtual VOB" using ClearCase. We will go in details in next month. Before that, I want to know what it is, why it is used for, how to create it. Thanks for all your answers for my Query.

Best Regards/Sebastian.



Im trying to use <scm> maven tag to obtain the code from an accurev branch;


Following Maven's instruction ( if I follow this pattern 




my SCM tag in POM looks like this:





            <!-- <url></url> -->





However the build doesnt seems to understand the pattern and console log says the following:


[INFO] [release:prepare {execution: default-cli}]

[INFO] Resuming release from phase 'scm-check-modifications'

[INFO] Verifying that there are no local modifications...

[DEBUG] Repository created: host:null, port:5050, depot:longscm01d, streamName:5050/GTAApplications/schema, workspaceName:null, checkoutMethod:pop, params:{}

log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.apache.commons.beanutils.converters.BooleanConverter).

log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.

[JENKINS] Archiving /var/lib/hudson/jobs/Testing_gta_jcbs_schema/workspace/pom.xml to /var/lib/hudson/jobs/Testing_gta_jcbs_schema/modules/$gta-jcbs-schema/builds/2013-05-15_09-25-14/archive/

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------


[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

[INFO] An error occurred during the status check process: No such command 'status'.



Can anyone please help


many thanks

1. The default rules ignore .o files and obj directory. We built .o files in a lib directory and added to the mapping_rules after INCLDUE ATUO RULES to override and Set Type of .o to 'library'. The admin did a DB refresh,and still Sync (from the GUI) does not show any .o files for the build manager's int prep project.

I can manually add a file of .o and set the type to 'library'. If I set the file to prodcut and recompile it, will a command line reconclie update the .o on an auto task (ie the builder doesn't need to provide an assigned task ID)?

2. It looks like the default rule is to ignore .md files. We build a lot of these and the Sync (GUI toolbar) shows all the .md files as conflicts.

How come the rules aren't doing what they say?



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