In CA SCM Harvest Workbench, Version 12. 1..1.141 We face below error while check our or promoted. not always but frequently. what should be done to overcome this issue ? I tried to reinstall PEC in user maching, but it didnt fix. Any solutions ??

E0306003e: Could not connect to Broker: /pt_HBroker://r62dp10/0/haprd5 (Error Code = -307)

We are upgrading from Harvest 12.1 to 12.5. We have found that HarRefresh is no longer supported by OpenMake or CA. Currently, HarRefresh (in conjunction with Harvest) is a package based product – code within a package is promoted whenever the package is promoted. Is there another solution out there that will move code from Harvest to a server with just the files and version of those files within the package. 

We currently have Software Change Manager R12 (formerly Harvest). My users have experienced this error:

E03020054: The package named WB-DLAP00291371 is being used by Checkin. Client: /pt_HClient://COL1SCV55/7564 Server: /pt_HServer://s1x031/19689.

After researching is there a way to kill the Checkin process in the newest version? Application is runned on UNIX database?

I would need some reference document with which Parallel Development process can be acheived.

We are planning to upgrade Harvest 7.1 to CA SCM 12.1SP2.

The handling of forms changed and unfortunately the scripting language, too. Now we would like to get the users name within an change event. With VBScript we had an User-object.

Where is the CA SCM userinfo located? In the editor object?

Is there a documentation for or experiences with the editor object?

Any help welcome

I need help with advantages of CA SCM over IBM Clearcase. If any one has a document or a presentation already prepared, please let me know.


I am trying to use a post script in SCM Harvest to change ownership and permission on a file that was refreshed on a agent.

Need help with how to accomplish this.

I am currently using SCM for version control only and need to "split" a project into two different projects but I cant lose the versions. I already tried extracting and loading a repository but the versions get wiped out. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

The developers works on the customers' systems (out of the office). We have installed Harweb on the server connected on the internet network (with the public ip) which work fine.

We have problem with agent connection.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


When i try to install CA SCM i get this error:

'ERROR: Pec installation failed with error code: -1073741819'

Can someone help me.

Andrea Baroni


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