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In CA SCM Harvest Workbench, Version 12. 1..1.141 We face below error while check our or promoted. not always but frequently. what should be done to overcome this issue ? I tried to reinstall PEC in user maching, but it didnt fix. Any solutions ??

E0306003e: Could not connect to Broker: /pt_HBroker://r62dp10/0/haprd5 (Error Code = -307)

We have Harvest r7.1.

How to resize checkout/checkin default dialog size in Harvest 7.1



Has anybody seen Cross Project Merge running slower in CA SCM r12 SP3 versus r7?

By Chad Barnett - January 29, 20131 Answer

Does anyone have experience with PureSCM? What are some of the biggest advantages to using this add-on to CA SCM?

Also are there any scheduling options that are available. Such as scheduling UDP's or deployments to run at a specific time. And is it possible to run multiple UDP's at once?

I'm running windows 7 and i install CA SCM version 12.1 but every time i click on New Broker connection nothing happens. The window never pops up to enter the server information. I've tried using the menu ->connection -> New broker connection but same things happens. I've now reinstalled 4 times any ideas????

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