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Is there is any study done which can state the ratio of  no. of SCM resources support to Dev+QA  resources in a company?

Hi All,

As a configuration engineer, what all are the points we need to discuss, or what all are the questions to be asked to decide which version control tool can be used for a new project developement?

By Jirong Hu - January 28, 20133 Answers

Hi All

I've worked as a SCM consultant for about 10 years, in the fields of configuration management (version control), build and deployment automation, change and release management, etc, most of time with IBM Rational tools in very large organizations such as banks, telcos and governments.

I feel I masted the principles in the first 5 years, and after that, just updating myself with newer tools and ideas such as from continuous integration to continuous delivery, etc.

This time I am working in the architecture team in the government, and my official title is Technology Architect, setup enterprise SCM solution including developing SCM processes. Now my manager (cheif architect) is suggesting me going down the path as a Solution Architect and then Enterprise Architect. I am interested, but my concern is I have been away from the real software development job for years. I mean we are not writing real java code, doing design patterns anymore. We just take the whole solution from IBM. I can work on solutions for SCM, but not sure if can for other fields/industries.

So what do you think? What's your caree path after being a SCM specialist?



By Drew Benson - January 7, 20135 Answers

Seriously what have you done to the site?!?!?

I was wondering if anyone has recently migrated from ClearCase to Subversion, or if anyone has been looking into migrating?

As well as how big the development teams using it are, and how many projects are running in parallel and have dependancies upon one another or shared/common code that needs to be merged with multiple streams of code/projects.

If so, please could you let me know as we are looking to do the same, and would like to know about other peoples experiences/challenges/decisions etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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