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We're kind of in a transitional period (for the last 1.5 years too) where we're moving to ClearCase and ClearQuest, but not anytime soon.

So we have CVS/VSS and we're now going to move to CVS on Linux, one thing we don't want to loose is the integration w/ Clearquest.

Has anyone got this to work? Is there a resource on this? Can't seem to find a definitive answer.


My company is planning to move to some better tool than CVS/SVN. Hence I as SCM needs to decide which is the ongoing good tool running for SCM for Java/.Net based environment.

Basic Features apart from good SCM requirements, tool should be easy to use & easily automated for Release management/Nightly builds like using Hudson. Good support on editor on windows using Eclipse or so. Tool should be easily integrated with bugzilla/twiki etc.Like CVSWEB good view onto the repo.

Last but not the least a FREEWARE ;)

Thought of github, started exploring it good if experts give the reviews on the same.

Looking forward for comments.

I have baseline software code that I maintain in the the trunk of a cvs instance.

I wish to make client specific changes to that trunk that I can then merge only at the time of build and deploy both the baseline code and client specific code. However, I don't want the client specific code to ever become part of the baseline (trunk). What is the best way to do this?

Also, the number of files that I want to change with client specific changes is a very small percentage of the total number of files.

And, there would be more then one client each with their own specific changes


We are planning to put all the DataBase Stored Procs in to CVS to maintain versions for those SP's,

Can anyone please let me know how can i start with this,

If you have any documetns or links please provide.

Pavan Gattu.

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