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We have an issue with the endevor package promotion process. When more than 2 packages are promoted at the same time, we get file contentions for the component libraries. Is there a installation setting that needs to change to overcome this problem ?

Additionally, when a package is cast, the current configuration does not validate (since validate is set to 'N' by everyone) the versioning is no checked. This is leading to versioning errors during the promotions. Is there a option to continue to use validate of 'N' during package casting and at the same time, prevent casting due to out of sequence versions. We are trying to reduce casting related errors during promotion, but at the same time have to continue with validate package set to 'N' while casting.

Would appreciate any thoughts on these issues.

Can a state process be created by command line script?

Does anyone have any idea why I am getting the below error while executing MKS query?

Cannot show view information: Your query was stopped because it was using too may system resources.

I'm running windows 7 and i install CA SCM version 12.1 but every time i click on New Broker connection nothing happens. The window never pops up to enter the server information. I've tried using the menu ->connection -> New broker connection but same things happens. I've now reinstalled 4 times any ideas????

We are currently using ClearCase UCM for our source control tool and I have been given a simple request that I am having trouble with.

I need to create a weekly report that will include a list of all files that have changed in a particular stream since a defined date. I have been able to produce such a report in other source control tools such as Perforce or MKS Source Integrity quite easily. ClearCase has given me a headache with this request.

I don't want duplicates if there are multiple check-ins nor do I want the files broken down by activity.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Does subversion merges the .vi files from one branch to another branch ?

any information is highly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

What actually is the benefit of using Linux as ClearCase server instead of Windows? Is there even a big difference?



Hi everyone,

does anyone know of a tool to convert PVCS to TFS (including history)?

Bob Aiello

I need to do a join project in a command line, so it can be part of a script. I found no CLI for it.

Anyone did it ? Or, something like:

1. Create stream acording to several pears of component/baseline. menaning:
component1, baseline1
component2, baseline2
2. Create view on that stream

Doing it with joinporject GUI is great, but I need it to be transparent to the user, so he will only chose the pears.


By Anonymous - October 6, 2009No Answers

Hi, I am new to subversion and i need help in migrate Vobs from ClearCase to Subversion,
Thanks in Advance



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