Shifting Left on Your Journey to Continuous Testing: An Interview with Adam Auerbach


In this interview, Adam Auerbach, the senior director of technology for advanced testing and release services for Capital One Financial Corporation, shares his company's experience implementing continuous testing and describes its core principles.

Jennifer Bonine: All right, we are back with our last virtual interview of day one of STARWEST 2016, and I have Adam with me. Adam, thanks for joining me today.

Adam Auerbach: Thanks for having me.

Jennifer Bonine: Adam and I have chatted before, so you might have seen some of our talk before, but you work for Capital One.

Adam Auerbach: Yes.

Jennifer Bonine: You're doing some pretty cool stuff there.

Adam Auerbach: Absolutely.

Jennifer Bonine: Maybe one thing that's of interest right out there is just when you come to these conferences, I've noticed especially at this one, there's a lot of financial institutions here.

Adam Auerbach: Yes, there are.

Jennifer Bonine: There are a lot of banks, so if you're in that business, there are a lot of you here.

Adam Auerbach: Yeah, it's interesting because there's people from Wells, there's people here from Barkley's, from Chase and Amex and Discover, and it's interesting because we all have similar constraints, right? We're highly regulated environments. Obviously security is important to everybody, but when you talk about continuous testing, continuous delivery, there's some hesitation there because in this type of environment, how do you make sure that we're managing risk and controls. There's been some really good dialogue and I think from things that we're doing at Capital One, there's a lot of information to share.

Jennifer Bonine: Right, and when you talk about risk, when you traditionally talk about certain industries have different risk tolerances so to speak and start ups and some younger companies tend to sway towards the high risk and you guys kind of sway on the other side. Which we're all glad about that keep our money in your banks and financial institutions that you're more risk averse because you're dealing with our money, right, and our ability to use that money when we need it. We've seen historically what happens when banks lose control of that or the ability to control the money supplies. You guys have to do a lot around keeping that safe and keeping it—

Adam Auerbach: It's real interesting. The thing that we're finding now is as we move towards continuous integration, continuous delivery, we actually become better managed and less risky by decoupling our software, being able to move things into production early and often. What we're doing now is we're able to automate a lot of our controls and make them part of the process.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah, early.


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